With restaurants popping up every six months in every neighbourhood possible, these iconic landmarks that are quintessentially Bangalore have stood the test of time. They still serve the same classics as they did in their heydeys, and their ambience is pretty much a blast from the past. 


Here are the top 3 restaurants of Bangalore that will give you a dose of serious nostalgia.


1. Koshys: Synonymous with Bangalore, it was set up in the 40s as bakery initially, and then slowly turned into a restaurant. The high ceilings, the wooden tables and chairs, the brown sofas, and the pictures of yesteryears dot the wall of this place. Even the waiter's uniforms are reminiscent of a bygone era, and some who've worked in the restaurant like it was their second home for years on end.
Signature dishes: Appam and stew, fish curry and rice, sandwiches, smileys and coffee. Their Sunday breakfasts are to die for. Go big or go home as they say. They also serve beer and other alcohol. 
Did you know: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Queen Elizabeth dined here


2. MTR: Yet another legendary and iconic place of Bangalore, Malavalli Tiffin Room or MTR is hot pit stop for locals and tourists alike. It was established in 1924, and can be easily considered as Bengaluru's first darshini. It's a no fancy and frills place. It still continues to be a popular place despite mushrooming in various parts of the city, but there is nothing quite like the original. Get a glimpse of early and old-world Bengaluru with its photos that are hung on the wall. From erstwhile kings to politicians, MTR has served one and all. Added bonus: it's easy on the wallet as well.
Signature dishes: Rava idly, dosa and classic south indian coffee. Their signature dessert called Chandraha is available on Sunday only.
Did you know:  The Rava idly was invented by MTR during WWII as rice was in short supply


3. Airline's Hotel: It's a great leveller, this place. People from all walks of life come to this place to chill and unwind in the comfort of your own car, or in their garden where you're canopied under large trees, or choose to sit indoors. Getting the waiter's attention is a different ball game altogether, but aside from that, this hotel has been around as long as one can remember. 
Signature dishes: Piping hot coffee, and dosa
Did you know: SNS Rao was the person who brought the drive-in dining concept to Bengaluru