Relationships can be really complex and there’s no one rule formula for being the perfect boyfriend. And yet, men sometimes wish that there was a rulebook which gives clear directions on how to make a woman feel special.

Keeping this in mind, we tell you three simple ways of making your girlfriend/wife feel beautiful and loved. After all, these kind of gestures keep the romance alive in a relationship.

Compliment your woman the right way

Men often compliment women way too much or not at all. If your woman needs to feel loved, then compliment her the right way. This means that you should say something nice when she takes the effort to dress up, cook something elaborate or when you’ve noticed one of your favourite traits about her.

You could say something that makes her believe you care about her and the relationship. For instance, just saying a simple sentence like, “I would rather spend time with you than anyone else” makes her think you want to be with her and in the relationship.

Hold her from the back and make her feel supported

Women feel supported when you go behind them and wrap your hands around their waist. This simple gesture expresses your interest in her and how protective you feel about her. Of course, we don’t recommend you do that all the time and definitely not when she wants you to move away. However, you can improvise if she reciprocates. Throw in some kisses and hold her tightly to let her know how you feel.

Do small things that make her happy

There are a number of things that your woman must enjoy. This could be her favourite snack in the kitchen, finding hot water for a shower after a long day or even seeing her clothes neatly folded. The list is endless and you’re the best judge of what your woman likes.

In any case, these actions will make her believe that her likes/dislikes matter in the relationship and that you respect it.