Today’s nutrition tip is powerful one, according to nutrition coach Ryan Fernando. Here’s what he has to say:

We all eat it, it’s available all year round and elite performance athletes swear by it. It’s long, firm and sweet when ripe and you got to undress it. It’s one fruit that does not require any washing and needs no refrigeration.

Yes, we’re talking about banana. When it comes to picking out the fruit, there are plenty of options. So you have the big guys and the small guys. The big guys are needed post the fitness hour. They pack a huge punch. The smaller yelakki bananas are convenient and tasty.

Yelakki Banana

Banana has everything in it, except fat. It is high in carbohydrates, which is why we nutritionists say go easy on bananas. But I throw that weight gain logic out of the window, if one is having constipation. It helps in relieving one of constipation.

Bananas have serotonin that helps induce sleep. So if you suffer with insomnia like I do, how about have an elaki banana just an hour before you sleep? You can thank me later. But do pace around for 10 minutes after eating that banana to digest it before you sleep.

Many ways of cooking bananas

I love cooking my bananas, a little honey, a teaspoon of ghee (yeah you heard me right only a tiny itsy-bitsy dollop of ghee) and shallow fry it for 10 minutes. It’s a perfect meal if you’re suffering from sore muscles. There are other ways of cooking bananas. You can make chapattis, dosa or pancakes using banana flour that’s easily available at any gourmet supermarket.

To eat healthier all you have to do is start with a plan. You’ve got to buy food according to a planned diet that begins on Monday and lasts till Sunday. I say you need bananas three times a week, especially if you’re pushing your limits in the gym.

Ryan Fernando is an award winning sports nutritionist based in Bengaluru.
This article appeared in Indigo XP, a concern of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.