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5 health benefits of pears

healthy pears
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In general, eating fruits provides ample health benefits, and people who consume more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis are less likely to have chronic diseases and ailments.

Fruits are said to be the rich sources of many essential nutrients. One such fruit is the pear. They are a mild, sweet fruit that is said to have essential fibre and Vitamin C and K. It is also said to reduce mental stress. Research also indicates that the pear has certain medicinal qualities that is said to control blood pressure and cardiac-related ailments, and regulates diabetes.

India cultivates approximately 24 varieties throughout Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh states. From late summer to early winter, it is said to be the crop season.  Pears are some of the oldest fruits in existence. A good pear is firm, but not rock-hard, and are richly aromatic when ripe.

Some varieties of pear change colour to indicate ripeness. Green anjou, Red anjou, Concorde are some of the varieties available. Generally, there are two types of pears: one is oval, while the other is round. Some varieties ripen fast, while others take time.



Health benefits of pears:

1. Pears are low-acid fruits and are recommended as introductory food for infants

2. Pears are known to have high flavonol content. This compound is known to: slow the aging process, be heart-healthy, has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties

3. The rich fibre content in pears are said to control Type II diabetes, and regulate cholesterol 

4. Phytonutrients found in pears are often associated with preventing stomach-related disorders and ailments 

5. Consumption of pears are linked to the prevention of osteoporosis as well


How to make a pear and pomegranate smoothie:




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