Most couples reach a plateau in their relationship and spend months trying to enrich it. But a new study says that lovers can express gratitude and save themselves of heartbreak.


The study, published in the Review of Communication, argues that gratitude works like a medicine for one’s mental health. It not only contributes to the relationship’s longevity but also has an impact on an individual.


“To experience gratitude, one must receive a message, and interpret the message,” said Stephen M. Yoshimura from the US not-for-profit organisation, National Communication Association.

Yoshimura added, “Gratitude consistently associates with many positive social, psychological, and health states, such as an increased likelihood of helping others, optimism, exercise, and reduced reports of physical symptoms.”

The study found that people who receive and express gratitude were found to be optimistic, hopeful and satisfied. The research also led scientists to note that people had lower levels of stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and envy.


There are multiple ways of expressing your appreciation though. This could materialise in text, gifts, and actions. A romantic meal; a thank you note; a surprise; or a celebration of important dates in one’s relationship could lend it vitality and may just keep the romance alive.