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Good Friday is not a festival, here are five things you must know about it

  • People are seen confusing God Friday as a festival
  • But it is a day Jesus Christ was crucified and the day is not celebrated but observed
  • Here are the five details on what Good Friday is and what is observed on that day

Good Friday is not a festival here are five things you must know about it
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Many people are seen wishing each other 'Happy Good Friday'. But Good Friday is a day of observation and not celebration. Here are five facts about Good Friday you need to know.

1) Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified

After one of his 12 apostles, Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus and informs the priestly class about the place Jesus was visiting, the soldiers arrest him and later Jesus is ordered to be crucified as he was alleged of blasphemy. This happened on Friday , when Jesus died after carrying the cross to the Mount Calvary is crucified. He breathes his last in the afternoon and the entire region becomes dark. Thus, this day is remembrance of the sacrifice and passion of Jesus Christ. So, it is not a celebration.

2) People observe fast, pray, enact 14 stages of the life and death of Jesus Christ

On this day, most of the people who believe in Jesus Christ observe a fast or eat a simple food (avoid non-vegetarian food). Prayers are conducted and the 14 mysteries explaining various stages and experiences of Jesus Christ from the time he was sentenced to his body is laid in the tomb is explained in 14 steps.

3) Why is it a Good Friday?

It is good because, it is believed that Jesus takes the punishment on himself for the sins people have committed. It is to free people of their burden and to make them understand the fact that Jesus carries the burden of sins of people in the form of the cross. Though this, Jesus has made people free of burdens of sins they have committed. Though this day has a dark occurrence, it leads to a happy beginning.

4) The tomb

After the Good Friday, Jesus was crucified and in the evening, the remaining apostles and his mother Mary get the body down, take it and keep it in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. A whitle cloth was put on Jesus's body and the tomb was closed with a heavy stone, covering the body completely.

5)  The resurrection

But on Sunday (on the third day) when the family came to see the tomb, they were shocked. Because the stone was gone and the body of Jesus was not too be seen inside the tomb. It is said that Jesus rose from the dead and this day is celebrated as Easter. This is the symbol that everyone who dies will be risen and will live in the kingdom of the God.


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