The 26-year-old mother, who left her three-month-old baby girl at home, while she went out partying all night, was horrified to see her daughter in such a state. The incident took place in Johannesburg in South Africa.


Onlookers and neighbours reported that the child’s tongue, eyes and fingers had been eaten indicating that the three-year-old must have suffered a painful death. Her entire body was marked by wounds and rodent bites.


The mother has now been arrested under the charges of child negligence.


This is not the first time when an incident of a child being eaten by a rodent has been reported. In the past too, a number of such cases were reported in the township.


In 2011, a three year old child was eaten alive by rodents. Her half-chewed body was later found with gouged out eyes.


Another toddler was eaten alive when the kid was sleeping alone in a shack.


A 77-year-old grandmother, who was unable to move, also died a ghastly death rats chewed off her face.