Once a common occurrence in Bengaluru city, these house sparrows were a dime a dozen fluttering and chirping around, however, thanks to rapid urbanization and development and mobile tower radiation are primarily the reason why these small birds have all but disappeared.

Their new home, it seems, is the Kempegowda International Airport, where you can spot them either zipping across the waiting lounge or looking for bits of food on the floor.

According to freepressjournal.in, “Sudesh Waghmare, environmentalist said,'I don’t know where we are heading. By destroying the habitat of a sparrow and we are harming our self too. If you are surrounded by sparrows and if sparrows are coming to your home or area then it depicts that the air in your area is pure and water is also not polluted. Sparrow likes to live in good environment and now should realise where we are living.'”




Here are some interesting facts of these birds, according to softschools.

  • A group of sparrows is called ‘flocks’
  • They are said to be carnivores
  • They are said to be monogamous
  •  While not territorial, sparrows will defend their nest, and aggressively at that
  • They can fly at speeds between 24 – 31 mph