We’ve all at some point or the other have indulged in emotional eating especially when we’re stressed. But certain foods are known to make you more anxious than usual, and sometimes you may not be aware of it, and you become more anxious because of it.


1. Coffee:   


Thanks to the presence of caffeine, coffee tends to increase one’s anxiety, especially when you have a lot of it to help you power through the day. The caffeine is said to have a negative impact on our nervous system. That being said, it also has benefits, but consume it in moderation.


2. Pasta:  


Who knew? One of the reasons pasta makes you anxious is because it is a refined carb. Substitute it with whites for browns, and your anxiety level will come down.


3. Sugar:    


When you’re stressed, you’re likely to reach out for a cookie or ice-cream, or anything that will satiate your sweet cravings.  Sugar is known to cause a rise and subsequent fall in blood sugar which makes you unusually moody. This also includes artificial sweeteners, too.

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4. Gluten:



Those who are unaware that they might have a gluten problem are likely to be more anxious than one who isn’t. Switch to a gluten-free diet. According to simplemost, “ it was found that those with gluten sensitivities are more prone to feeling anxious after consuming wheat products (U.S. National Library of Medicine).”


5. Junk food:


burger and beer

Nothing hits the sweet spot, then some good old fashioned junk food. Butaccording to a 2012 study in the journal Public Health Nutrition, people who eat fast food are 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those who don't.” reports eatthis. Again, this is only applicable if you order in or head to KFC and Dominoes on a regular basis.

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