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How to clean your fruits and vegetables like a boss

Five ways to clean veggies and fruits from pesticides
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It’s a known fact that pesticides are used to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, which may lead to deadly diseases like cancer. Since it's difficult to avoid using vegetables and fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides, here are some simple tips which can be easily followed once these have been purchased from the market. 


1. Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits 

Fruits and vegetables need to be washed for a minimum of 3 - 4 times under running water before it can be consumed. In fact, 80% of the pesticide coating is removed by washing them thoroughly. The entry of bacteria like E-coli and listeria into the body can be prevented in this manner.


2. Use salt for washing 


 Add some salt to water when washing vegetables, and allow them to soak in it for about two minutes. This is an effective way to decrease the influence of pesticides.  Vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, spinach and brinjals benefit greatly when washed with salt water. 


3. Use vinegar: 
Soak the vegetables and fruits for 15 minutes in water with a little vinegar. This not only serves the purpose to reduce and, possibly, nullify the effect of pesticides, but also helps in to doing away with the harmful bacteria that is commonly found in them.


4. Remove vegetable and fruit peels 

 A good way to avoid pesticide-laden vegetables and fruits is to peel its outer skin.



5. Use of Turmeric

 The traditional wisdom of using turmeric can do wonders! Add a bit of turmeric to water when washing produce. By doing so, this will help get rid of the pesticide residue.




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