1. A simple pair of white shirts and a pair of blue jeans  

white shirt  blue jeans



2. Get a pair of well-fitting jeans based on your body type. Opt for lycra





3. Accessorise with scarfs and stoles and brightly coloured bags if you are wearing a monochrome outfit




4. Think you can’t pull off an outfit, try it on anyway. You never know how it will pan out





5. Have a signature style – it could be a simple earring, neck piece, or even a perfume  




6. Get a good tailor   



7. Get the right fitting bra. It will make all the difference.




8. Chunky ankles: Opt for platform heels and large straps that preferably go diagonal


9. Show some skin, but not all of it. Pick your favourite body part, and flaunt it 

off shoulder


10. Invest in the right kind of belts – it can elevate your outfit


waist belt