We are all aware that heart diseases are likely to run in families. Heart attack for sure is associated with various other factors like lifestyle, food habits, use of tobacco and illicity drugs, and some other diseases like cholestrol. But, have you ever thought the life-threatening condition is associated with your educational qualification! 

The researchers of Australia has investigated the links between education and cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. The results published in International Journal for Equity in Health states that people with lower educational qualification are more prone to heart attack or stroke. 

During the study it was apparently found that heart attack rates among individuals with no educational qualification were around 150% higher than those with a university degree, lead researcher Rosemary Korda said. 

The risk was about 70% higher among those with non-university qualification. It was also found that mid-age people who haven't completed high school were double at risk than those with a university degree. 

The study is expected to unpack the relationship between education and cardiovascular diseases further and to explore what can be done to reduce such risks.