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5 easy ways to overcome nervousness

Easy ways to overcome nervousness
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You just got handed a new assignment, an exciting project that make others envy you. You are proud to have won it and are elated at the thought of beginning work, but that familiar sinking feeling slowly creeps in. There’s a slow tremble running down your spine, your palms turn moist, your mouth dry; nervousness greets you like an old annoying friend. What can you do at this point? Should you take a step down and hand over the stage to someone else? Of course not, you worked hard to earn that recognition. So how do overcome that impending feeling of doom and shine like the diamond you really are?


Here are five valuable tips to counter nervousness:

  1. Think of only yourself:  If you tend to think ‘what others might say’ while you are handling some task, you are susceptible to become nervous.  It’s better quit this habit, and soon. 
  2. ​Talk to a friend: Have a chat with some good pals who understand you well and who wish for your growth and development. Having frequent interactions with such people could help you overcome the nervousness.
  3. Make yourself as busy as possible: If one is quite busy, one cannot afford to become nervous! So, try to be as busy as possible on a daily basis. Immerse yourself in your work and cultivate hobbies so that you will be relieved from anxiety and stress.
  4. Have a positive mindset: It is important to first understand what triggers your nervousness. Once you’ve identified your pain points counter them with some positive outlook. Believe in the adage: ‘as is the thought, so is the mind”.  Be positive and move forward.
  5. Think before you talk: Do not panic when you intend to address a gathering or a group. Taken a deep breath and think about what you want to say and how to say it in a structured manner.
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