A recent survey has revealed that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the best cities to live in currently. Residents reviewed few important cities from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region based on their economic, environmental, standard of living, socio-cultural and entrepreneurship factors.


In this review, Dubai and Abu Dhabi earned the highest scores. These two cities are followed by Muscat, Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, Doha, Riyadh, Marrakech, Rabat, Jeddah and Kuwait City.


The Bayt.com MENA survey went around and asked people based on the above mentioned factors and they had more 1400 replies. These replies clearly stated that they are well settled with good jobs and they are absolutely ok with the cost of living. Thus Dubai and Abu Dhabi earned the highest scores.


When it comes to labour rights, yet again Dubai and Abu Dhabi have topped the chart. The health insurances and social security matters are taken well into account and thus the labourers are also happy with their lives in the Emirates.


Other factors that this survey looked into are the level of crime rate, effective law enforcement, availability of parks, outdoor/sports activities, relaxation options and family-friendly activities.


Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerged as clear winners in almost all the categories that the survey considered.