Jazz music is best experienced live. No performance is the same with each performance having its own set of nuances and musical conversations. While we have nothing against sitting at home and listening to a jazz record, it’s just difficult to understand why anyone would miss the opportunity to watch contemporary jazz band, EYM Trio, play live in Bengaluru on June 2.

They EYM trio are no novices of jazz. They’ve been developing their craft for a long time and gone on to create a musical identity that is very much their own. The EYM trio comprises of pianist Elie Dufour, drummer Marc Michel and bassist Yann Phayphet. Over the years, they’ve begun to shape their music the rhythms and grooves from across the globe. From innovative metrics to well-written passages, EYM leave plenty of room for improvisation, creating a journey for the listener that’s irresistably enjoyable.

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