1. Pumpkin Ice Cream




Pumpkins can be sweet, too! Move aside halwas, here comes a refreshing cool treat in the form of an ice-cream. Get the recipe here.



2. Paan  

paan Image Source: Desi Tadka 


This minty mouth freshner translates rather splendidly as an ice-cream, too. Get the recipe here. 


3.  Nitrogen Ice Cream

If you like some theatrics to accompany your dessert, then in Bengaluru, a restaurant called Hogey serves exactly that. Nitrogen-based ice cream.


4. Breast Milk Ice Cream    

breast milk ice cream

As gross as it sounds, you just might want to give it a try out of curiosity.  Get the recipe here. It was first introduced here 



5.  Durian ice cream   



The mention of this fruit gets polorising reactions when people are introduced to it. And for good reason: It stinks. However, it does make up for taste. It is similar to jackfruit, and hence can be substituted. Get the recipe here



6. Garlic Ice Cream



Often an essential ingredient in our Indian cuisine, it does take some getting used to incorporating as a sweet dish. But try it. It just might surprise you. Get the recipe here