From theme restaurants to under water dine outs, you might have heard of and even tried some of these locations for a unique dining experience. But, even the most foodie dare devils will think twice before trying this crazy initiative -Dinner in the Sky. 

Could you handle it?

A group of 22 diners will be literally hoisted 50 metres in the air within 10 minutes after occupying their seats. During the 55 minutes dining experience your chairs will swivel 360 degrees to get a complete view of the city. 

The brunch dinner sky service is the brain child of David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs. The initiative originated in Belgium and has hosted more than 5000 events across 40 cities in the world. They decide to come to Dubai after the grand success of the event held in Abu Dhabi in 2013. 

Visitors to Dubai International Marine Club headquarters for next four months can experience this rare chance and the price starts at Dh 499 per person. Session starts at 2.40 pm on weekdays and 11.50 am on weekends.

You can book your seats at 

Beware! The table is no place for a nervous bladder.