Video: The #DabkeChallenge is making Spiderman out of everyone

life | 15 June 2017 0:08 PM (UTC)
rushali pawar
  • A new dance move has gone viral in the Middle East and people are calling it the #DabkeChallenge.
  • This challenge requires one person to climb up the wall while the others hold you.
  • This new twist occurred when a wedding guest started climbing the wall during the dabke dance.

There are many outrageous things on the internet and the latest viral sensation is the #DabkeChallenge. Now, before you wonder what exactly is a dabke, we’ll clarify it for you.

The dabke is an arab folk dance that lies somewhere between line and folk dance techniques. This dance is peculiar to gulf countries in the Middle East.Think Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Now, natives of these lands have found a new twist to the dabke and suffice it to say that they’ve included some aerobics in the dance move. This new addition took place after a group of Lebanese men were doing the dabke at a wedding and one of them started walking on the wall. If you’re confused then look at this:

This impromptu dance move by one enthusiastic party goer has now gone viral and it has taken over the Middle East. Videos of people dancing to the #DabkeChallenge have now surfaced on the internet.

However, it was the Simpsons who first predicted that living things could walk on the wall. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this:

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