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How to deal with a child who constantly lies

child lying
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Most parents like boasting about their children. Some ask their children to sing, dance or showcase their talents in front of others. However, this might cost you dearly, as children may grow averse to showcasing any of their talents publically, and might  start lying about being ignorant on many issues.


Thus, as parents, you’ll need to keep it natural; consider your child’s mood. Do not force your child to do what he / she is not interested in. Else, they might grow to be liars, says a study. If you find out that your child is lying, do not jump to conclusions and make a hasty decision.  

So what should you do in such a situation? Here are some tips to handle a child prone to lying:


Don’t lose your cool: Do not scold or hit your child when angry. Try talking to your child, and ask them the reason for such behaviour.


Plan your talk: Discuss with your spouse as to how to deal with their child, and the way you want to address the issue. It is better if both try to talk to you child separately and assure them that they are loved.


Try to find out the reason:  Sometimes children might cook up a story to grab the attention of a parent. So, it is important to know the reason for this change in the behaviour.


Appreciate often: If the child willingly accepts his or her fault, please appreciate it. This will help your child feel secure. The next time something goes wrong, the child will not hesitate to confide in you.

Explain: Try to explain your child the consequences of lying. Do not threaten them with punishment; instead try to cite some examples of how lying ruins people’s lives. Most importantly, stop lying yourself, especially in front of children.


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