From Cleopatra’s famed ass’ milk bath to pearl powders from the Ming Dynasty, these have been claimed to be the elixir of youth. Modern treatments have fallen back on some ancient remedies, and are some are downright bizarre. But these have been popularised by celebrities.

Let's take a look at some of them.

1. What: Vampire mask

How does it work:  In this facial, you willingly get stabbed by acupuncture needles and use your own blood and plasma to rejuvenate your skin. The benefits of this type of facial is said to be smoother skin and less wrinkles
Celebs who used it: Kim Kardashian 



2. What: Cactus Massage


How does it work: As the name suggest, the pads of the cacti are used to invigorate your tired muscles. Before you think it’s going to be a prickly, think again. The needles of the plant are removed. A tequila lotion is also used much like oil combined with the cacti pads are the tools that are used for this massage
Where: The Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita 


3. What: Ramen Soup Bath 
How does it work: To improve your metabolism and give your skin a natural glow, all you need to do is soak yourself in a soup bath replete with collagen, garlic and noodles.  That is correct. Instead of eating it, you’re in it.
Where: Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Springs Amusement Park and Spa Resort, Hakone, Japan

4. What: Bird poo facial

How does it work: This type of facial is also called the Geisha facial. Here, bird faeces (and the bird in question, is a particular type of nightingale) is mixed with other ingredients and slathered on one’s face. It is said that these birds are fed on a special organic diet. The benefits of this facial is said to slow down the ageing process, reduces dark circles and removes tan.
Celebs who used it: Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham



5. What: Bee Venom


How does it work: This mask when put on your face stings like a thousand bees, but the end result is your skin is tightened.
Celebs who used it: Kate Middleton