Bengaluru-based band Parvaaz has released a new music video for their song, Color White. This Kashmiri band has picked up from where they left off on their debut LP, Baran.

Khalid Ahmed’s soulful vocals weave Urdu poetry with the blues-tinged guitar chords of Kashif Iqbal. Bass player Fidel D’Souza and drummer Sachin Banandur serve the song, providing it with the foundation it needs, adding subtle variations that make the progression of the song so seamless.

Color White is a natural progression from their earlier works, with the song writing continuing to mature while still retaining the feels that make Parvaaz’s sound so alluring.

The accompanying video is nothing short of spectacular. Shot in Kashmir (home to half the band), the video does justice to the title of the song. It depicts the story of two men (played by Kashif and Khalid) meandering through the snow. Where they are headed or why they are making this journey isn’t known. However, their paths briefly cross before they return to the soil, where they once came from. Into nothingness. Into white.

Though the song and the music video belongs to Parvaaz, it’s really a conquest for the entire Indie music community in India. Parvaaz is setting a precedent for the scale and artistry involved in creating music videos for independent bands. As ardent and passionate music fans, we hope to see more and more such works of art from Parvaaz and independent artists from all over the country.

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