‘The choice of a life partner is the single most important choice you will make in your life’ . This was Axis Bank CEO Shikha Sharma’s advice to the outgoing graduates of IIM-A. The institute being her alumni as well.


After graduation, youngsters are forced to make difficult choices regarding career and further education. But instead of talking about the road that gets tough ahead, Shikha Sharma talked about choosing the correct life partner as the singularly most important choice in one’s life because it is only through a mutual understanding and a well-balanced family life that one can achieve the success in one’s career. She used her personal life as an example to highlight what she meant. 


It is wonderfully refreshing that Shikha Sharma choose to concentrate on some of the most ignored but absolutely important decisions in an individual's life. We make business decisions with careful thought about the consequence but what about our personal life. 


Watch the video below to understand an important lesson in life. Something that IIM does not teach you