This week I’m going gaga over apples, says #NutritionCoachRyan

There 3 apples that changed the world. The apple that fell on Newton’s head, the apple that Adam ate, and Steve’s Job’s company, Apple. However, we’re going to concentrate on the benefits that result from eating an apple that fell on Newton’s head (not the same one obviously).

The adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away may not be true but it does help in good fat burning way. Apples contain pectin, a type of fibre that fills up your tummy.

During a research, people had to eat apples 45 minutes before lunch. What they discovered was that people felt less hungry while eating lunch later and actually served a smaller portion.

Why a peeled apple is good for you

Apple contains a host of good anti-oxidants and some are found chiefly in the skin. But as your nutrition coach, I am going to ask you to peel the apple skin and throw it away. The peel is coated with wax to prevent it from dehydration. Fruit sellers also apply wax to keep the apples shiny and beautiful.

Which apple should you buy?

I buy the Indian Shimla apples that are not shiny and are kind of ugly. Wash them well and then eat them with the skin. An apple is the perfect snack. All you need to do is carry an apple or two and make sure you have a fruit peeler in your back pack. You can bite into this fresh snack anytime, anywhere.

Ryan Fernando is an award winning sports nutritionist based in Bengaluru.

This article appeared in Indigo XP, a concern of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.