An empowering mobile app that helps people escape traffic chaos on city roads could just be what you might be needing on a busy day to work. Neonicz Solutions, a start-up based in Kochi has launched Spotbay, a mobile app that will help you avoid a congested road. 

It works like an SOS message and allows to contact those who are already stuck in a jam and ask how the traffic is fairing. If the vehicles are moving at a snail's pace, you can save time by choosing an alternate route. 

"The alpha version of the app works as a broadcast medium that helps strangers to get in touch and help each other escape the traffic. We aim to launch the beta version by December," Arun Chandran, Spotbay CEO said. 

This is a facility that helps people to communicate about anything ranging from traffic snarls to accident. However, only those within two-kilometre radius will be able to keep in touch, he said. 

However, unlike an FM broadcast which reports about the traffic in the city, where everyone can hear your question and answer, Spotbay has got a privacy provision. Though a query can be heard by the public response will be available only to the person who raises the question. The option helps to avoid any unwanted hassles. A query will be retained for an hour, and anyone with the app can answer it within given time frame. 

The app also has a commercial service facility which can be used to announce offers and advertisement. The commercial service will be available within the 10-kilometre radius and will be broadcasted for 10 hours. 

You can download Spotbay from Google Play store.