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The Eternal One: Aloe There

aloe vera benefits
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It’s hard to imagine that a plant that bears a resemblance to the Mother-in-Law’s tongue and a cactus is a healer – both in and out. This plant’s origins are unclear, but it can be traced to the Egyptians who referred to this plant as an eternal one.  Aloe Vera made its way to India through the Arabs who carried it with them through their travels. While we are all well acquainted with the plant being a powerhouse of medicinal and beauty benefits, here are some unusual uses that you may not have heard about.


Here are some unusual ones:

1. It’s a superfood: 
A single stalk of an aloe vera is said to contain 75 nutrients and almost 200 enzymes. As a superfood, one can eat it raw, and that includes the skin and the gel inside. It is said to be a powerful laxative; however, do not over do it. Moderation is the key here. If its raw sexiness is unappealing (we don't blame you), then opt for a juice version of it by simply diluting it with water or any citrus-based fruit to quell its bitter taste, or a healthy smoothie version. It works wonderfully as a salad, too. Surprised? Here's a recipe. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, aloe vera aids in reducing belly fat, leads to a smoother digestion, lowers diabetes, and internally cleanses your organs among other benefits. 

2. Hair Today, Still There Tomorrow: 
Use an aloe vera hair mask, and see your thin, lifeless and damaged hair regain its former glory. Using everyday ingredients like fresh aloe gel and lemon, make a DIY mask at home. Simply blend the ingredients together, and apply it to your current lifeless hair before washing it off. Do this regularly, and the results will speak for itself.


3. Pooch Lovin': A plant that works its wonder on your fur babies? From minor insect bites to flea allergies, aloe vera and its antifungal, bacterial and inflammatory properties benefits your pooches tremendously. It also works as a good cleansing agent for your dogs ears.

4. Oral Hygiene: In its purest form, aloe works as a wonderful mouthwash. It also helps remove and reduce that stubborn plaque, get rid of bad breath, and strengthens one's gums and teeth as well.



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