The word mudra is derived from two root words: mud which means delight, pleasure or enchantment and rati, which means ‘to bring forth,’” according to The Week.


It is often used in yoga in tandem with breathing exercises called pranayama. Each finger on our hands represents five mudras. These mudras are said to represent “the 5 elements viz fire, water, space, earth and air.”


Here are the 5 most important mudras that one can practice to benefit from them.


1. Gyan Mudra:  This is used to find inner peace and gain wisdom.

How it’s done:  Touch the tips of your thumb and index finger.
Benefits:  Useful for respiratory issues,  good for those suffering from memory loss and is beneficial to those suffering from hyperthyroidism.



2. Vayu Mudra: If you’re feeling restless, try this mudra. It is said to calm one down.


How it’s done: Bend your index finger to nestle at the base of your thumb, and lock it down with your thumb.
Benefits: Useful to those with a short fuse, aggressive and hyperactive people.


3. Akash Mudra:   To be enlightened, one uses the mudra. 
How it’s done:  Touch the tips of your thumb and middle finger
Benefits: It helps release the toxins from one’s body.


4. Shunya Mudra:  Helps in alleviating pain


How it’s done:  Similar to the Vayu Mudra, bend your middle finger to the base of your thumb and let your thumb gently clasp over it.
Benefits: Useful for those with ear pain and motion sickness



5. Prithvi Mudra: To become stronger, this mudra is recommended  

How it’s done:  Get the tips of your ring and thumb to touch.
Benefits: Helps relieve fatigue, increases one’s stamina and endurance