“It sucks that I haven't been able to talk to you for 5 mins straight. I'm sorry. I will make up for it once I'm back home. I love you. Ride safe tomorrow. Send me Snapchats ”

My last message to my fiancé the night before he died in a motorcycle accident.

“I know what you're having to deal with. It's alright. Will ride safe. I love you ”

His last message to me. These words are etched in my memory.

This is how Apoorva Mohan shared her grief with the world on a post on Quora.

Apoorva’s fiancé died in a horrific bike accident, the details of which she also shared in the post.

It has been three months now and she is still coping with the loss. She has been brave in sharing the story and spreading the very important message of road safety so that someone else is spared the grief.

This was her latest update:

He was on his KTM Duke 390 on the ECR near Mahabalipuram on way to Pondicherry. The exact details of the accident still aren’t clear. But consensus was that he collided head-on with a bus approaching from the opposite direction and died on the spot. Immediately after the collision his bike caught fire and was reduced to ashes, he suffered superficial burns but the people nearby were able to move him away from the fire before it did serious damage. He had all his protective riding gear on. But his helmet wasn’t equipped to handle high impact collisions, something he was aware of and had wanted to get a better one. He thought he had time till the next month to get it. But he was wrong, it was too late.

Yes, he was too late to consider his safety resulting in the loss of his life. As biking enthusiasts and motorcycle lovers it is essential you always keep yours and the safety of your co-passengers in mind. When you spent over a lakh on a bike, spend that little extra Rs 10,000 or Rs 20,000 on good gear for yourself. While selecting a helmet, make sure it meets minimum safety standards and not just something that covers your head. As responsible riders and motorists we urge you to spread the message. Ride safe.