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Is your home clock telling the correct time? 7 vastu tips to attract wealth into your homes

  • The entrance of the home attracts prosperity and happiness, it is important to have a neat and clean entry
  • Do not shine light on where your wealth is saved in your home
  • Never leave the taps dripping, you are allowing money to flow away
7 vastu tips to attract wealth into your homes
First Published Nov 20, 2017, 3:38 PM IST

Tried all the measures to earn wealth? Money comes to you but does not stay for a long time. If you are facing these problems then chances are your home is repelling money and inviting wealth. Here are seven tips based on vastu which can help you convert the sad story into a wealthy one. See if you are doing these seven things correctly and improve the flow of wealth in your house.


Placing the money locker

Never put your cash locker under a beam of light or under any focus light, by highlighting its place you are inviting financial stress

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Anyone familiar with vastu will tell you the importance of mirrors in the house. Put a mirror in front of where you store your wealth at home so that the image gets reflected in the mirror. This is symbolic of doubling of wealth.

Taps and water

Firstly, never waste water and secondly in terms of vastu, leaving your taps or faucets dripping means waste of money. Water is symbolic of money.

Open space

You may like to fill your house with knick-knacks but make sure it does not eat into your open spaces. Closed, cramped spaces block energy. Vastu propagates discarding all the objects and things that you no longer use or are old and broken. Get rid of it and bring the wealth home.

The home’s entrance

That’s where the wealth enters from and you would want to give money (Lakshmi and Kuber) a grand welcome when they come to your house Make sure the entrance is free of distractions and is always kept neat and tidy. It should always be well-lit and to make it more inviting buy a soft sounding wind chime to hang near the door.

Clocks that run late

It can be useful to wake you up on time so that you don’t get late for your office but did you know an inefficient or a stopped watch can bring your money flow to a standstill. Clocks that are behind their time mean you are slow in life. Keep yourself up to date and walk with time to enjoy the wealth.

Colour choices

Vastu is also partial to certain colours. In the north use blue abundantly; avoid red. Keep the kitchen in the south east or south south-east direction. Use pastel shades of red, orange and pink in the kitchen for decor. In the West, use white and yellow.


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