There are a number of things that change after you’ve been married. You will acquire a partner for life, assume a different identity and most importantly, find a new family and deal with people and issues you’ve never confronted before. Let’s face it, meeting the in-laws after wedding is a stressful time and one could use some help in this department.

With this in mind, here’s our primer on how to survive the first few weeks of marriage when all one is required to do is meet the partner’s family.     

Do your homework

Find out what your sister-in-law’s interests are or if there’s a common trait you share. This will build a personal connection between the both of you and will take you a long way.

You don’t have to please everyone

Sure, there’s the pressure to seem likeable but anything that’s forced is hardly well-received. Don’t force a laugh or act interested when you want your space. Defining who you really are will earn you the respect of your new family.

Find an ally

Before you step into your new home, try to make one friend who will be your faithful companion in the first few weeks.  This person could introduce you to everyone and give you a better understanding of how things work in your new home.

Forget stereotypes

The evil mother-in-law doesn’t have to exist in real life. Get to know your partner’s mom on a personal level and keep the conversations pleasant and civil.

Don’t give out all the information

You will be bombarded with a million questions about your past relationships, your preferences etc. If any question borders on the personal then know that you don’t have to reveal everything. However, do answer as much as you can.

Display an interest in family etiquette​s

Each family has its own rules and even if it takes time for you to get used to it, be an active participant.

Dress to impress

This goes without saying. You’re going to be watched by a million people and make sure you bring out your best outfits which are simple and elegant.