Among the many states in India, Kerala and West Bengal are called sisters because they share so much in common. Aside from sharing the same political ideologies, the two states even have similar cultural beliefs and traditions. Perhaps this is why no one is surprised when a Malayali man falls in love with a Bengali woman.

Here are six common habits they share once their eyes meet. These habits, dear readers, become the cornerstone of this couple's adventurous relationship.

They don’t just love fish, they even eat the same vegetables

Imagine how happy it makes a mallu man when his partner knows all about eating vegetables like banana flower, raw banana and banana pith. Most people are so ignorant about cooking bananas in so many different ways.

They talk about the confusion in their eyes when they saw Karl Marx, Lenin and Tolstoy’s books in the shelf

In these two states, political ideologies are felt very intensely at home, in bookshelves and in children’s minds as well. Very few Indians grow up listening to the positives of communism and that’s why Malyalis and Bengalis have a soul connection.

They never fight about what kind of movies to watch

They both worship realism in their films. That’s why Adoor is worshipped in Kerala and Satyajit Ray, in West Bengal. Bollywood is for sisses.

And their love for Old Monk is unparalleled

They love serious cinema and ponder about life over hard liquor. What more is there to life?

Unlike the rest of the country, their favourite sport is different

They will never fight about watching the Champions Trophy when the FA cup is taking place at the same time. A couple who watches the same game stays forever in the same place.

Mallu men know how to identify a strong woman

This is a big win for Bengali women when they meet their twin flame. Bengali women are considered as the goddess Kali at home while Malyali men, born in matrilineal families, know how to respect a strong minded woman.