We’ve all been there; we’ve all done that. Having a crush on someone is admittedly one of the most exciting phases in one’s life. It’s that time of the month/year when you never live in reality. You watch songs with a new interest; you wait impatiently for a text message and wander in a land that’s filled with all kinds of dreams. And those dreams always include these situations:

The moment your crush finally says, I like you

Whenever you have a crush on someone, you’re always waiting for that person to say those three words. And in those dreams, this statement is delivered in a scenario that’s romantic. Always romantic.  

And your friends like your crush too

This is true for both sexes. Men and women secretly want their crush to be the centre of everyone’s lives and dreams revolve around a situation in which your friends are always laughing at your crush’s jokes. It doesn’t matter even if they’re just being polite.

You go on a vacation

Romantic escapes are a must with your crush. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke or your crush hates to travel.

You imagine your crush sleeping next to you

Since this isn’t possible, you grab the pillow instead.

You and your crush are always talking

The most riveting conversations take place mostly in one’s mind.  

You’re a celebrity couple

At least among your circle of friends. You shove #Couplegoals in everyone’s face and view yourself as one half of a celebrity couple.

You get married

It doesn’t matter even if you’ve known your crush for all of five minutes. There’s always the hope that the two of you will spend the rest of your lives together.