Rainy season brings relief from the extreme heat of summer which causes sun burns, tans, sweaty and stinky feet. But the humid and damp weather brings different kinds of infections.

The monsoon is a time when everyone feels that beauty tips can be forgotten for some time.  But one has to remember dry skin and infections are at an all time high during this time and should take care of them.  

Here are a list of secret ingredients to help your skin cope with this season.





Adding a pinch of this ingredient could help you get rid of pigmentation as well a s blemishes. It also helps the body in fighting infections.


Bitter gourd



Filled with calcium, manganese and magnesium, this fruit is loaded with ingredients to protect your skin. It also carries vitamin C which prevents skin damage.





While this very good for the body, it also reduces dullness and damages on the skin. try to avoid fruits which are rich in water content like water melon and muskmelon as this could cause water retention in the body.


Green tea



This stops the formation of wrinkles and pauses ageing as well. Regular coffee can leave your skin dehydrated but not in the case of green tea. You could also use the tea bags to remove the excess oil on your skin by placing it on the oily areas.





Break outs on the skin usually occur due to toxins that are piled up on the skin. This contains a load of detoxifying elements which can kill the toxins that cause damage to your skin.


Pumpkin, Eggplant and Tomatoes



While root vegetables are good for health, it can cause allergies during monsoons due to the roots accumulating wet mud and dirt. Replace them with these vegetables instead.


Avoid spicy food 



This can cause the digestive system to weaken which in turn causes breakouts on the skin. Reduction of salt is also a good option during the monsoons to avoid water retention in the body.