The world of online dating isn’t dead. If anything its alive and kicking but no one wants to talk about the fact that they found their girlfriend on Facebook or on an anonymous chat room. Ever wonder who goes online in search of love? Well, they are your colleagues, your friends, your cousins who raise an eyebrow about online dating but lurk in those very corners of the internet with an alternate ego or really, their true personality.

If you want to display your true personality to the world of online daters then beware! there are five kinds of people who will ruin your sleep, confuse your waking moments and disrupt your normal thoughts. We've broken down their characteristics so consider this as cautionary advice.

The Lazy Sloth

They sound dreamy, charming, compassionate and then you begin to wonder, “Is this person too good to be true?” Actually, he/she is. Introducing the lazy sloth: a person who brims with life on the internet but will never make plans to meet you outside the confines of a chat room. They are the worst.

The one who wants Cheap Thrills

Ever heard the 21st century adage, don’t believe everything you read on the internet? These words couldn’t be more true, especially for those people who lurk on chat rooms just for some cheap thrills. Why? It’s quite fun to make someone believe they look like a Greek god when they’re anything but.

 The Chipkoo

To be honest, this breed wants your cell phone number, your fax number, your pager number, your landline number.... you get the drift. STAY AWAY and protect yourself from this person who wants more information than an Aadhaar card.

The new arrival

Have you ever heard, “Hey, I’m new in town. Can you show me around?” This line was invented when Carrie Bradshaw was still single in 90s. The new in town folks will say anything to evoke your sympathy but all they want is a tour guide/temporary friend until something solid comes along.

The Rebound

If you’ve ever been looking for true love and you think you finally found it with someone who is recently single, then it’s an awful idea. Those looking for rebounds are aplenty and they are accomplished at emotional mind games.  They’ll make you believe they want commitment but no, they want to forget the living, breathing memory of their past. You deserve better, comrade.