Indian men are so difficult to deal with. They are either extremely aggressive or don’t know how to stand up for the women in their life. But then came Amarendra Baahubali and every Indian woman regained hope, dared to love and hope to be a daughter-in-law. Let’s be honest, Amarendra Baahubali is the ideal Indian man if there ever existed one and here’s why:

He respects Devasena’s family

It’s with dreamy eyes and a melted heart that every Indian woman watched Baahubali talk about equality. He literally asked his wife’s family not to bow down to him when Kattappa spoke of his greatness.  In real life, a 21st century Baahbali is someone who makes himself a part of his wife’s family.

He’s not a mama’s boy forever

He loves his mom but knows how to stick up for his wife. The scene in which Amarendra Baahubali stands up for Devasena and delivers this dialogue, “Devsena ko kisi ne haath bhi lagaya toh samjho Bahubali ki talwar ko haath laga diya” makes him a feminist and a heartthrob.

He helps her travel plans easy

Guys, do you remember that scene in which Devasana is walking to the boat but loses her balance? Amarendra Baahubali literally lies down and transforms into the human bridge and helps her cross, winning the title of the most helpful husband.

He recognises her as a friend

Best friends are always respectful and this is evident in his relationship with his wife. He teaches her how to use the bow and arrow while maintaining a measure of respect and decency.

He is not the jealous kinda husband

Women are so tired when men shoot jealous glances at each other but Amarendra Baahubali is anything but an ordinary guy. He becomes friends with Kumar, who is so important in Devasena’s life. Kudos to him for overcoming his insecurities. After all,  a woman loves a man who can accept her past.

Right now, every woman in India must feel like this: