Sweating it out at the gym? Maintaining a strict diet? Not seeing results even after a month? Well, one culprit could be the inclusion diet foods. What’s sold as low-fat food products are in fact extremely harmful and a new study says that the sugar level in these foods is disguised under different names.

Any nutritionist would tell you to stay away from packaged foods such as muesli, a breakfast option that’s sold as a healthy option. However, researchers at the University of Georgia say that these foods damage the liver and lead to obesity.

Although the study gives a blanket warning on diet foods, it doesn’t specify what kind of foods are a part of this category.  If you really want to know what to stay away from, here are just a few examples:

Cereals of all kinds

Almost all breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and even contain refined carbohydrates, two ingredients that you absolutely don’t need if you’ve embarked on a weight loss journey.

You can replace this with a bowl of oatmeal. It keeps your sugar levels constant and doesn’t make you reach out for something unhealthy between breakfast and lunch.

Low Fat yoghurt

Without its natural fat content, yogurt is basically processed food with artificial sweeteners and loads of sugar that lead to obesity. If you do want to have yogurt, you should just opt for the full fat version which is a much healthier option.

Low fat salad dressing

Salad dressings can actually be made at home with ingredients that are easily available. One simple recipe includes lemon, olive oil, some garlic cloves and a dash of pepper. But the options that are packaged in a bottle are unhealthy as they contain soya bean oil, corn syrup etc which have an adverse effect in your effort to lose weight.

Granola bars

Some granola bars have as much sugar as a snickers bar. So think twice before you reach out for a snack that you think is healthy.  The bottom line is this: avoid anything that’s processed.