Undergoing a diet when you are healthy is one thing, but being forced to a stringent diet plan is a different thing altogether. Especially, when you know you do not have the liberty to indulge into that pastry or a little oily food of your choice even if you wanted to. And for people living with health issues like diabetes, this could be a matter of life and death.

According to the American Heart Association, diabetics are two to four times more prone to heart attacks and strokes as compared to healthy people. And if the sugar levels are not controlled, it could lead to even more complicated health ailments like nerve damage, kidney diseases, cardiovascular trouble and more.

But, before we indulge into the food items that are best for a diabetic plan, it has to be ensured that the person follows a strict diet chart recommended by a nutritionist and should consult them about the intervals of intake.

Eggs: Easy to cook and tasty, an egg or two is great for maintaining the protein levels in your diet. It is also inexpensive and hardly raises the cholesterol levels. Although it is always recommended to have egg white, you can always indulge in the yolk every now and then. Make water poaches or omelettes in less oil, an egg could always bring variety to your boring diet.

Fish: Sea fish is always recommended for a diabetic, especially because it is high on Omega-3 and Vitamin D3. Good for the skin and the nerves, there are a variety of sea fish available in the market that are known for various nutritious elements. Some of the most sought after being Seer, Mackerel, Tuna, Herring and Tilapia.

Dalia or broken wheat: One of the healthiest and tastiest replacements for white rice, it is high in fiber and nutrients. It is high in protein, but low in calories. It also improves digestion and promotes faster elimination of waste and toxins from the body. Rich in vitamin B1 and B2, it stabilises glucose as it releases glucose slowly into the bloodstream.

Milk and Yoghurt: These dairy products are high in Calcium and many people have reported losing weight after consuming them. These products are also known to fight insulin resistance, which is a core problem behind diabetes. It is, however, recommended to go low fat or fat free. Greek Yoghurt could be one of the choicest delicacies, given its nutritional value. All you have to do is drizzle it with some honey and mix it with fruits to taste a piece of heaven. 

Nuts: We use nuts in almost every meal we have, without even knowing the food value it has. Nuts are slow burning food items that are great for blood sugar. Roasted nuts are even more tasty and go well with soups, etc. All you have to do is spread shelled nuts on a cooking sheet and bake at 300 degree Fareinheit for 7 to 10 minutes.

Oatmeals: It could really be interesting if you tried Indian-style oatmeal khichdi. While many of us are not fans of the usual milk and oats, the khichdi would could be a tastier alternative if tossed with vegetables like carrots, beans and tomato.

Chicken: Grilled or sauted, chicken is a great protein supplement for diabetics. It is said that breast meat whether ground or whole is always lower in fat. It is, however, recommended not to have the skin since its high on saturated fat content. 

Peanut Butter: It sure is a tasty snack for children, but is a great food for diabetes patients. It dampens the appetite for 2 hours straight, cutting down the hunger pangs, thus reducing weight among the patients. It is said that the monosaturated fats in the product also controls the blood sugar level. Spread it on a multigrain bread or let those sauted veggies get dipped in a peanut butter sauce, either ways, it tastes delicious.

Beef: Surprised? Well, very few people know that Beef is a great supplement to cut down those frequent hunger pangs of a diabetes patient. Getting enough protein at mealtime keeps you feeling full and satisfied. It also helps in maintaining muscle mass when you are losing weight, so the metabolism stays high. Get portions from eye of round, inside round, ground round, tenderloin, sirloin, flank steak, and filet mignon. Remember, lean cuts are the best for health. 

Sweet Potatoes: Instead of having white potato, sweet potatoes are considered a great replacement since their intake reduces the rise of the sugar content by almost 30%. They are also packed with nutrients and disease-fighting fiber. Also 40% of the fiber is soluble that lowers cholesterol and slows digestion. They’re also extra rich in carotenoids, orange and yellow pigments that play a role in helping the body respond to insulin. Plus, they’re full of the natural plant compound chlorogenic acid, which may help reduce insulin resistance.