In a milestone moment for the LGBT community in the state, an activist hailing from Thiruvananthapuram is set to become the first transgender to attain womanhood in Kerala.

Sreekutty Namitha, who hails from Poojappura in the state capital, underwent the sex reassignment surgery (SRS) at the Vela Hospital in Coimbatore recently to become a woman physically. She will now be initiated into womanhood through ‘jalsa’, the traditional pooja which transgenders consider a ritual for a new birth, at a function in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday night, to complete her transformation.

Jalsa holds a massive significance among the transgender community as they believe if the ritual is not performed, they would still be considered as transgenders. Though several transgenders in the state have undergone SRS before, all of them had to go through the initiation ritual in other states. 

"We want to show the other members who undergo SRS such a ritual can indeed be held here also and there is absolutely no need to go to the other states for performing it," a The New Indian Express report quoted her as saying.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Sreekutty expressed her delight in the achievement. "I am extremely happy that this day has finally come. I waited a long time for this moment," she pointed out.

Sreekutty, who is also the president of the organisation Sexual Minority Forum Kerala, revealed to Newsable that the SRS cost her Rs 2 lakh. "The new transgender policy in Kerala says the state will take care of the fee. I had enquired about this but it seems a complicated process," she added.