As Devikulam sub-collector Sriram Venkitaraman continues to wage a lone war against the encroachments in Munnar, braving strong political opposition, a Facebook post one of his friends posted on his Timeline has come into the limelight.

The post by Fazal Rahman, who was Sriram’s batchmate when he was an MBBS student at the Thiruvananthapuram medical college, lists 10 commandments for the young IAS officer to abide by. The commandments are often sarcastic, reflect the frustrations of the general public who support him and also takes a dig at state's senior political figures who have been trying to hamper Sriram's eviction drive.

Sriram found himself in the black books of both local and state-level political leaders after he took on encroachers in Munnar. His decision to demolish a cross at Pappathichola, which was in encroached land, invited the wrath of several CPM leaders, including CM Pinarayi Vijayan. 

Let's check out some of the commandments listed out by Fazal here.

  • Remember that the Munnar eviction drive was attempted and failed by several big sharks before you. I know you are an ever bigger shark but just be wary of some of the people above you, who are not afraid to go to any length to stop you.
  • You currently work on a salary which is around one-fourth of what you would have earned, had you continued in the medical profession. So don't trouble those who pay you by working harder than they expect you to do.
  • With that name of yours, the maximum you can afford is remove Hindu structures or monuments. If you dare to touch anything Christian or Muslim, secular Kerala's collective consciousness will come for you. So stay away.
  • 190 out of the 200 people from our batch are now married and living peacefully with their kids. So stop being the most eligible bachelor and get married. That way you will settle down and lose some of that vigour to save the world.
  • Malayalees know to cheer for sincere and courageous officers only when they appear on screen, not in real life. We don't deserve you.

The post has been shared by over 7,000 Facebook users and also garnered over 16,000 likes so far.