Aneesh, alleged honour killing victim Kevin’s relative informed the media that there were no chances of Kevin escaping the trap laid out by Neenu’s brother Shanu. Aneesh also said he saw the accused taking Kevin and putting him down near the canal.

Shanu and his team met Aneesh around 6 AM on May 28 and said that Kevin swam the river and had escaped. But Aneesh said that was not possible becausehe could not even stand properly. Aneesh was sent back when he agreed to help them bring Neenu out from the hostel. 

His statement will be critical in the case and might put Shanu Chacko behind the bars. Shanu had told the police that Kevin had escaped from his custody. However, Aneesh’s comment has dismissed this revelation made by Shanu Chacko. 

But the phone conversation between Shanu and Sub Inspector is telling another story.


The phone conversation has revealed that Shanu is upset about what he did and he says he needs his sister back at any cost. He is also ready to pay any amount as compensation to Kevin's family.