Finding the right recipe for your dinner is not an easy choice for many. The endeavour to find a solution for the issue has earned several accolades, including a place in Google Accelerator Program, for three youths from Kochi.  

The BTech graduates developed a mobile app that helps the user find recipes from items captured on phone camera. Anoop Balakrishnan, Nikhil Dharman and Arun Ravi received international attention, and their startup was tagged as the most promising one in the country. Even global electronic giants like Samsung integrated their technology in their smart refrigerators. 

The app – RecipeBook – has already received Google Editor’s choice tag, a first for an Indian app. The team members will also get a chance to meet Google CEO Sundar Pichai and discuss their product after it became a part of Google Launchpad. 

“This is the first time that a Kerala startup was selected for the programme. Only 24 startups get selection globally,” Balakrishnan said. 

The startup will get $50, 000 as equity free funding and the teammates can work in close collaboration with Google for six months. They will have access to Google resources, entors and engineers. 

The startup is in talks with various retail chains for developing technologies that could help users choose different products from the store. It is also planning to expand its wings by shifting its base to the US. They have already expanded the core team of six to 15 and wants to hire more persons in a year if they could get more orders from US-based companies.