Kerala police have found that 'love' is the deciding factor in 75% cases of conversion taking place in the state. A 32-page report submitted to the DIG on August 19 states that over three-fourth of religious conversions in Kerala was for love during 2016-17. 

The report submitted by special intelligence wing has said that of the 135 religious conversions that took place in the state during 2016-17, 105 was in the name of love. Other reasons are broken family, disturbed mind, the influence of religious ideologies and poverty. Of the 135 cases of conversion to Islam 13 was from broken family, 7 by persons who had a disturbed mind, 7 owing to influence of Islamic ideology and 2 due to poverty. 

"On overall analysis, it is revealed only a small percentage of persons were converted due to deep interest and belief in the Muslim religion. The majority were converted on the pressure of circumstances such as love." the report states. 

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The intelligence wing of state police decided to probe into the subject following complaints of forceful religious conversions and in the wake of information from various agencies that ISIS is targeting Hindu and Christian couples. There were reports that couples are forcefully converted and is sent to Syria to join Islamic State. 

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The report outlines the modus operandi of religious conversions in the state. Most religious conversions in the state have no political leniency. Those handling the task of conversion are known as 'Dawa Squad.' Those in the squad would approach target persons and conduct talks with them. They mainly target drunkards and approaches them to create awareness against alcohol consumption. This way they also manage to get the support of family and slowly the whole family is radicalized, the report states. 

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Though the religious conversions across the state were studied for the purpose of the report, importance was given to cases in Thrissur after it was found that more incidents are being reported from the district. It was found that 36 converts were from Ezhava community while 26 were Christians (RC), 8 Nairs and 4 Orthodox Christians, the New Indian Express reports

Another trend that was mentioned in the report is that migrant labourers in northern district are being converted in large numbers. Such cases often go unnoticed as not many are aware or concerned about the religion to which they belong.