Pinarayi backs Surabhi Lakshmi, says having meat on Onam day is part of Kerala's diverse culture

First Published 10, Sep 2017, 4:18 PM IST
Having meat on Onam is part of Keralas diverse culture Pinarayi
  • National award winner Surabhi Lakshmi had to face the ire of social media for eating beef on Onam day
  • Kerala Chief Minister has responded to the issue stating that it is part of the diverse culture in Kerala
  • People in South have a purely vegetarian feast on Onam, but in north sadya will be incomplete without meat, he wrote on FB

Surabhi Lakshmi, the National Award winning actress who had to face the ire of netizens, can now relax, she has the backing of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The actress came under fire from right wing activists after she posted a picture of eating chicken on Thirvonam day on her Facebook. 

Surabhi had also appeared in a programme on a television channel, where she was eating parotta and beef, which was aired on Thiruvonam day. She became a victim of trolls, most of them abusive, alleging that her actions hurt the sentiments of the people. 

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Responding to the issue Chief Minister wrote on his Facebook that Onam is different from other festivals and it transcends religious boundaries. It is a state festival which reflects the diverse culture of Kerala. 

The Chief Minister went on saying that Onam feast is purely vegetarian in south Kerala but in northern areas, it is incomplete without meat dishes. Democracy also means accepting diverse food habits of people, and Kerala does not infringe the food habits of people. We should be proud that the state is mature enough to uphold the values of secularism, democracy and modernity which reflects through the liberty enjoyed by people in their food habits. He also asked Keralites to preserve this unique culture.