Fenny Balakrishnan, the former lawyer and counsel for Saritha S Nair, the prime accused in the Solar scam, has raised serious allegations against MLA K B Ganesh Kumar. 

Fenny said that Ganesh Kumar added four pages to Saritha S Nair's letter. The letter was initially 21 pages, and Ganesh Kumar added four more pages to it making it 25 pages, he said. 

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The additional pages were written by Saranya Manoj, the cousin of Ganesh Kumar, on March 12, 2015. Saritha had handed over her letter to Fenny Balakrishnan. The advocate said that he gave it to P A Pradeep, the personal assistant of Ganesh Kumar. 

The additional pages, which included the name of politicians were added to the original letter, he said. 

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Fenny Balakrishnan also said that the evidence could be found if police check tower locations of the phones of alleged persons on the day. He also said that Ganesh Kumar made a move out of hatred towards UDF leaders who denied him a ministerial position in Oommen Chandy cabinet.