Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) has always surprised job aspirants with unexpected and weird questions. The latest in the list is a question about Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State (ISIS) militant group. 

Those who attended the test for Upper Primary School Assistant (Arabic) were surprised to find a question on the ISIS militant. They were asked to identify the group to which Baghdadi belonged. The multiple choice answer sheet also had four options to choose from - Daish, Lashkar, Al Qaeda and Intifada.

It was the 46th question in the paper in the Arabic language. 

Not many were even aware of various kinds of terrorist organisations other than the most common Al Qaeda and Lashkar. 

There was more surprise in the question paper. Another one was about the religion of Arabic poet Khalil Matran. The options for this question were Shahir, Yahudi, Muslim and Nazrani. 

The job aspirants were supposed to know about Arabic literature and history. However, not many were happy to find such questions on religion and terrorism.