Kerala police chief T P Senkumar has courted fresh controversy by issuing an order by which secretive information of police order could be released in case of a query under Right to Information (RTI). However, a section of police officers are of the opinion that the order is against government directive. 

As per the new order, the Department will have to release information with the T Branch, the secretive wing of state police. 

Police Department usually does not handover information regarding scams committed by police officials, human right violations and administrative matters as well as information with T Branch. A group of officials are of the opinion that government has exempted T Branch ambit of RTI and the order cannot be implemented. The officers are also are likely to file a complaint with the state. 

However, Senkumar states that the original order was issued by former DGP Jacob Punnoos, in 2009, and he just issued a reminder. 

Police Department had earlier refrained from handing over the details on Puttingal temple fire tragedy, Gisha murder and case filed by Senkumar against the government when he was removed from the post of state head by LDF government. 

It was the former UDF government that exempted T Branch from the scope of RTI Act. The controversy ended only after Jacob Thomas, former Vigilance head, abolished T Branch. 

The police chief had earlier ordered to transfer a woman employee with the department from the T Branch at the police headquarters. He had to cancel the order after the state government decided to retain the staffer. 

Senkumar ordered to transfer junior superintendent V N Kumari Beena citing dereliction of duty. She was accused of lapses in following up a life threat complaint filed by LDF legislator Karat Razak.

The officer approached Home Department alleging that the transfer was in violation of rules. Following this government asked Senkumar to withdraw his order and to stay away from controversies.