Assaulted actress gives statement against P C George MLA

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 4:21 PM IST
Actress attack P C George
  • The assaulted actress has given statement against P C George MLA
  • MLA had asked how she managed to return to work if she had really faced the assault
  • The actress had earlier wrote to the Chief Minister seeking justice 

The assaulted actress has given statement against P C George MLA. The actress said that the comments made by P C George hurt her deeply. 

His comments were of defamatory nature and created doubts about her character among the public, the actress said. 

The actress reportedly told police that remarks made by P C George revealed her identity.

She also said that the remarks made by the legislator was used by some persons to spread negative propaganda against her. 

Meanwhile, police informed that they are looking into the details of the statement given by the actress. 

The actress had earlier wrote a letter to the Chief Minister to bring to his attention the statements made by the legislator. She had also sought justice after she was so deeply hurt by the repeated victim shaming by PC George MLA.

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The letter was published on the Facebook wall of Women in Cinema Collective, the association of female technicians and actors of Malayalam film industry. 

The MLA had earlier asked how the actress managed to return to work if she was in fact sexually assaulted as complained by her. Women's Commission took a case against him, but this did not stop him from continuing his tirade against the actress. 

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When members of Women's Commission visited her, the actress said that she felt sad and at the same time angry on hearing P C George MLA's comments. The repeated comments of the MLA is very painful. No other woman should ever face my experience. I never expected such a statement from a legislator, she said. Following this, Women's commission booked a case against the MLA.