The woman who was stranded in Saudi has safely reached Koppala, thanks to Minister for Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj and Union Minister from State Ananthakumar, reported Kannada Prabha.

It can be recalled Chand Sultana, a woman from Koppala was sent to Saudi for the post of a teacher of Quran and Arabic, by an agent in Mangaluru called Shamsher. After she landed in Saudi she was put to household work as a maid and made to wash toilets.  Her papers were also confiscated.  She was not allowed to call her family, was locked up in room and as food bread crumbs were thrown at her.

She had no way of returning to India. Her husband Baba Jaan managed to contact an acquaintance, Farid Saab, and managed to talk to her. The agent had promised a salary of Rs 40,000 per month and taken a commission of Rs 50,000. When Chand Sultana requested to let her go, her employer is believed to have said that he had paid Rs 4 lakhs for her and she could go only after returning the money.

Baba Jaan requested MP Sanganna Karadi to help, who in turn met the ambassador, Minister Ananth Kumar and Sushma Swaraj requesting to intervene.

Following Sushma Swaraj’s instructions the ambassador to Saudi made arrangements to get the Chand Sultan backs safely. She landed in India and will reach Koppala on Saturday.

It has been decided to file a criminal case against Shamsher, the Mangaluru agent. Chand Sultana has told Baba Jaan that there were 3 or 4 women from State in similar plight at Saudi.