Most often, celebrities change their drivers, their maids and anyone who is in their service. But this isn’t true for one BMTC bus driver in Bengaluru. He is one of the preferred chauffeur for celebrities who take the bus on rare occasions.

Meet Syed Nurulla, a bus driver who has a clean record and no complaints lodged against him. Perhaps this is the reason why he’s been driving VIPs around Bengaluru for a while. In addition to this, he says that his cool and calm mind has made him a popular choice among celebrities.

During his time at the BMTC, he has driven Virat Kohli, Hrithik Roshan, Sadananda Gowda, Jagadish Shettar, Yeddyurappa and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. Among them, his most memorable experiences have been with Siddaramaiah and Kohli.

While recounting his experience with the two, he said the Chief Minister has even patted him on the back. He said it was a proud moment and added that no one has extended such a kind gesture.

While he was driving RCB captain Kohli, he ended up taking a selfie with the cricketer. According to Nurulla, Anushka Sharma’s boyfriend was very humble and kind, reported Bangalore Mirror.

The BMTC driver joined the service in 1994 and has personally witnessed the city’s landscape change in the many years since then. He said that he could cover the entire city in one hour a while ago but added that he drives for 1-2 hours now to cover a single route.

Nurulla, who drives the ITPL stretch, said that he does lose his patience on the road sometimes. “At times, I lose my patience when I see my own colleagues driving too fast and trying to be ahead of other buses. I don't find any logic in it,” he said.