How about a WhatsApp group that can address your traffic woes and help you find a solution for it? Yes, that's exactly what  a WhatsApp group of Indira Nagar Civic Committee does. The success of the group is such that the Bengaluru traffic police have taken up the group, reports Kannada Prabha. 

It works like this: pubic or local civic committee members must form a Whatsapp Group along with their respective area police inspector, ACP and DCP.  The group will share traffic snarls in the City, along with photos. The police will immediately rush to the spot and resolve the issue, explained DCP East (Traffic) Abhishek Goel.

The Civic Committee is set up at the station level. Currently a weekly meeting of the station officers used to discuss the issues related to traffic. However, the Whatsapp Group including the civilians has received good response. DCP informed Kannada Prabha that other stations are also following the same and forming WhatsApp groups.