Politicians seem to be the hot favourites of popular Kannada talk show 'Weekend with Ramesh' and the latest to join the bandwagon is Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The show featuring Siddaramaiah is expected to be telecast on June 24, reports Suvarna News. In fact, a few weeks ago, Janata Dal Supremo and former prime minister HD Deve Gowda too had appeared on the show.

This is perhaps Siddaramaiah's first appearance on a talk show in an entertainment channel. The shooting for the episode - said to be the last episode of Season 3 - will be held on June 22, it is said. The shooting is expected to begin from 10 am to 3 pm. Apart from vignettes of his inspiring political journey, people of Karnataka will certainly be curious to know about his better half Parvathi, who has seldom made a public appearance. Unlike other politicians, Siddaramaiah has kept his personal life away from the media glare and has never allowed the intrusive journalists to encroach upon his private life. There are rumours that she is making an appearance on the show along with his childhood friends. The channel has invited all those close to Siddaramaiah to share their bond with him.

Until the untimely death of Rakesh Siddaramaiah, not many knew about his eldest son. Siddaramaiah had considered him as his political heir. However, with his demise, his youngest son Dr Yatindra Siddaramaiah is slowly making appearances with his father and is now takes care of the Varuna constituency, on his father's behalf, it is said.

Apart from this, not much details of his personal life are out there. The show is expected to fill the vacuum, like it always does and the host and actor Ramesh Aravind is expected to end the season with Siddaramaiah.